Top 2 Drill Presses – Best For Small To Medium Workstation

Top 2 Drill Presses – Best For Small To Medium Workstation

Many individuals are performing different types of activities at home. By it, they are trying to save money. In some cases, they need to perform drilling activities. For these ones, they need to take help from the best drill press. There are numerous types or designs of drill presses are available in the market. Following are two examples of these types of drills those are highly beneficial for DIY projects or small workstations. 

SE-Drill-Mini Bench, 3 Speed Motor, 110w

The drill press is manufactured by providing a compact design. It is manufactured by adding different scales of the speed. The various speed scales are beneficial in performing the drilling activities wisely. If you want to drill the wooden material more, then it is highly beneficial. It will provide assistance in a better way to the individuals those are working on the DIY projects. Some pros and cons are mentioned below –

Pros –

•         It covers less space as compared to other similar products.

•         The weight of this particular drill is not so more.

•         It is manufactured with the help of steel and it helps the users in availing services for a long time period.

•         The drill is capable to work on the speed of 5000 RMP, 6500 RMP, and 8500 RMP.

•         The prices of the drill are reasonable which can afford by anyone


•         The product is not suitable for providing heavy duty drilling services.

Grizzly G7945 5 Speed Bench-Top Redial Drill Press

The drill is manufactured by adding different types of the features. The pivoting heads of the drill are highly beneficial in working at different angles. The drill press is available with a 160-inch drill chuck. The users are able to swing the press while drilling maximum to the 34 inches. The users can convert the equipment from drilling object into the sanding one. Following are some pros and cons of the using it –

Pros –

·         The users are able to adjust the speed of drill press at 5 levels

·         For the small or medium workstations, it is the best option

·         The product is including a shaft which is helpful in assembling the complete drill

Cons –

·         The drill press requires lots of space for performing activities properly

Final verdict

There are several other options available in the market. You should try to compare them all for choosing the best one and availing the beneficial services.